Forceland Tyre Shines at The Tire Cologne 2024, Leading the Carbon Neutrality Trend

At the recent Tire Cologne 2024, Forceland Tyre, a globally renowned brand, made a significant impact with its advanced carbon neutrality technology and eco-friendly products. As a leader in the global tyre industry, Forceland is committed to promoting green development and achieving carbon neutrality goals.

Importance of Carbon Neutrality in the Tyre Industry

With global climate change and environmental issues becoming increasingly severe, carbon neutrality has become a global priority. The tyre industry, as a significant source of carbon emissions, plays a crucial role in environmental protection efforts. Forceland recognizes this responsibility and actively incorporates carbon neutrality concepts in all aspects of product development, production, and sales.

Innovative Carbon-Neutral Products

At this year's Tire Cologne expo, Forceland showcased its latest carbon-neutral tyre products. These tyres are made from advanced recyclable materials, reducing carbon emissions during production and enhancing durability and performance. Forceland also introduced a series of green manufacturing technologies and energy-saving measures, such as the "One Tyre Two Lives Project" and optimized production processes, further minimizing carbon emissions.

Highlights from the Exhibition

The debut of Forceland's carbon-neutral tyre products received significant attention and praise. Industry insiders noted that Forceland's tyres not only deliver excellent performance but also demonstrate a firm commitment to environmental protection. This is crucial in driving the green development and carbon neutrality goals of the entire tyre industry.

The "One Tyre Two Lives Project"

One of the most notable innovations presented by Forceland is the "One Tyre Two Lives Project." Utilizing advanced German equipment, this technology can retread your tyres into summer, winter, or all-season variants, extending its lifespan and enhancing durability. For each tyre, this project achieves a 70% reduction in raw material consumption, reduces CO2 emissions by 21 kilograms, cuts raw material waste by 5.88 kilograms, and lowers electricity and natural gas consumption by 50%.

Future Goals and Commitments

Looking ahead, Forceland will continue to drive green development and carbon neutrality goals in the tyre industry. We plan to increase our investment in research, development, and technological innovation to introduce more environmentally friendly tyre products. Furthermore, we will strengthen communication and cooperation with international partners to jointly promote the green development and carbon neutrality process of the global tyre industry.


Forceland Tyre is at the forefront of the carbon neutrality trend, showcasing innovative and eco-friendly tyre products at The Tire Cologne 2024. Our commitment to sustainability and green development sets a benchmark for the industry and contributes significantly to global environmental protection efforts.